Fastest way to cut.
Fastest way to cut.
Sturdy Strong Sharp and Safe Utility Knives
Sturdy Strong Sharp and Safe Utility Knives
Sturdy Strong Sharp and Safe Utility Knives
Sturdy Strong Sharp and Safe Utility Knives
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Professional Utility Knives

As a VIP-TEC we produce strong sturdy sharp and safe Utility Knives which you can use for your hobbies and daily works as well as for your professional works. We are proud to see that,  VIP-TEC Utility Knives draw attention all over the world with their quality  . VIP-TEC Utility Knives are properly produced for various materials and and different cutting works. You can use VIP-TEC Utility Knives in your daily life as well as cutting different materials and surfaces.  We are able to meet our customers’ box color, logo and label demands. We are ready to become your business partner and provide all necessary support by offering you continuous, solution-oriented and reliable working opportunity.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Utility Knife?

    The Utility Knife also known as a Cutter/Snap off Blade is one of the tools that can be fixed and moved back by locking mechanism and can be used in daily life as well as for professional works.   

  • What Are the Usage Areas of Utility Knife?

    The main uses of utility knife are factories, construction projects, warehouses, schools and offices. Thanks to utility knife you can easly cut different materials which you may have difficulty with other tools.  

  • How Much is Utility Knife ?

    Utility Knife is one  of the tool that make our life and cutting works easier. It can  easly be found in grocery stores hardware stores and stationary stores.The prices of utility knives may vary depending on factors such as the  material of the body,  size , structure and features of utility knife. You may contact us in order to get best price for proper utility knife for your intended use.  

  • What Should be Considered While Using Utility Knife?

    Utility Knife is a risky tool because of it's sharpness. You should avoid distracting factors such as talking with other people or looking away while you are performing cutting works. Keep your hads dry and don't contact with slippery substances. Use cut resistant glove in case of any potential accident.   Make sure utility knife material is quality and blade is sharp. Keep in mind that blade should be extended only required level.   

  • What Material is Utility Knife Made of?

    The body of utility knife is made of plastic or metal, depending on preference.  You can choose plastic or metal body utility knives according to the purpose of use. The main material of Utility Knife blade is steel.  Length, thickness and width of utility knife blades vary according to the intended use.  

  • How to Choose The Right Utility Knife?

    Utility knives are divided into different classes  according to their usage areas. You may contact us in order to choose best utility knife for your intended use.